Components for lamp bases.

Bases must be hollow so you can secure components. Cable will need an escape hole.

If you don't have an escape hole you can use lampbase feet.

Our components are 10mm compatible. The hole in the top of the base must have a 10mm hole. If it doesn't you could resolve this using a washer.

You will need a lampholder, all thread (long enough to pass through your base) a nut and sometimes a washer to secure it.

Choose a lampholder with a switch or add a switch to the cable.

Ensure your lampholder will hold your shade. See this post.

Use extentions to raise a lampholder to the height you need.

Table lamp wirings with a switch and plug can be purchased assembled.

Or purchase all components for your electrician to assemble through your lampbase:
Cable, plug, switch, lampholder, all thread, nut, washer.

Posted on 2022-03-29 FAQ