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1080 Lm - 3230 Lm

Color Temperature

2200 K - 2800 K

Multi pendant Lights with Light Shade

Multi pendants with light shades are created using multi holed ceiling roses, fabric cable suspensions and lamp holders that fit one of our light...

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

What is a multi pendant light with light shade?
A multi pendant light suggests that there is more than one pendant light suspension. This can be as few as 2 and all the way up to 15 and beyond. Adding light shades to these pendants again changes the overall look.

Where do I use a multi pendant light with light shade?
Wonderfully dramatic pieces can be made for large spaces using multiple pendant lights that swing out to create spider light shapes. However as simple as two or three pendants can have a stylistic effect. Clusters of 4 pendants lights in the corner of room adds practical light and beautiful pieces. Groups of three pendant lights over kitchen islands are both practical and decorative.