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Accessories for lamp making and pendant lights

Using our light accessories you can complete your designer creations and satisfy all of your lamp making and pendant light needs. Browse our range...

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  • $4.00 Available
    10mm All thread hollow tube in 50mm, 100mm, 500mm lengths.
  • $0.75 Available
    Threaded tube each Available sizes: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm
  • $3.50 Available
    Threaded tube x 1 (TIGE) + nuts - Packing: 1 piece. 25mm 1mm pitch thread.
  • $0.95 In Stock
    Nut for 10mm all thread.
  • $4.00 In Stock
    Washers to be used for lamp and pendant making.
  • $22.50 In Stock
    Washer Set: 1. Thermoplastic E27 lampholder. 2. 2.5cm 10mm all-thread. 3. Steel washer 40mm. 4. Conical cable clamp in metal.
  • Tache
    $75.00 Available
    Taché, in Piedmontese it means "to attach" or "to fix", is the creative support for light bulb that allows you to transform a G125 light bulb into an original table lamp. Designed by Fabrizio Alessio, Taché is inspired by one of the most beloved objects of the design world: the paper clip, patented by William Middlebrook in 1899. Designer Fabrizio...
  • $19.95 Available
    Three wooden feet - endless possibilities! If you are a lover of upcycling and creative recycling, these components are just what you need: thanks to the wooden feet kit you can breathe new life into and reinvent an old lampshade!These beechwood feet made in Italy have a supporting purpose, allowing you to transform a lampshade into a table lamp...
  • $8.00 In Stock
    For use on pendants that will be connected via a B22 connector.
  • $2.00 In Stock
    Screw this converter into a 12mm lamp holder to be able to add 10mm all thread.
  • $47.00 Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    Cage is a simple yet revolutionary component to create modular lamps in true Creative Cables style. Made out of 4 elements, easy to assemble, Cage is a squared structure that cages the cables creating scenographic and original shapes, real floating sculptures. You can use Cage separately or with multiple combinations.The possibilities of creating...
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items