FAQ: Adding a shade.

Before you order your pendant ensure that your lampholder will fit in your shade hole. At Creative Cables we stock predominantly European sized fittings which take the E27 bulbs. For customers who have exisiting shades with Australian Standard shade holes we stock a few lampholders to suit the B22 bulbs.

Shades come in many different materials, weights and holes to fit the lampholder. Your shade may have a hole like in this image or may have a wire frame within the shade.

Shades are attached by a lampholder that has shade rings. These rings are wider than the shade hole and screw on and off the lampholder body to hold the shade in place. The bulbs sits high within the shade.

Measure the diameter of your shade ring or hole and ensure that the component you are purchasing will fit your shade.

Most of our lampholders are European sized fittings. Those lampholders with shade rings will accomodate a range of shades. Please check the diameter of each fitting to ensure that they will fit your shade.

For those that have smaller holes we have a small range of lamp holders that will accomodate these shades. Please note that they take a B22 bulb.

Some shades may rest ontop of a lampholder instead of being secured with shade rings. We do not advise this as your shade may move during installation. However this is possible to do.

Some shades do not have rings or holes that will take a lampholder. In this case the fabric cable may be wrapped around the shade (in this case a basket) and suspended within the shade.

An example of using our coloured lampholders to compliment your shade style.

Pendants for lampshades can be installed and then shades added at a later date when using the removable shade rings.