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450 Lm - 2170 Lm

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2200 K - 2800 K

Multi Pendant Lights for Bare Bulbs

Multi pendant lights with bare bulbs are a simple way to create a lighting system that doesn't clutter your interior space. Choose from a wide...

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

What is a multi pendant light for bare bulb?
Multi pendant lights have more than one single pendant built into its design. Those with bare bulbs can only hold light bulbs and not have light shades attached. They can also be called exposed bulb or naked bulb pendant lights. Our multi pendant suspensions can have from 2 pendants to up to 15!

Where do I use a multi pendant light for bare bulb?
Hugely popular in modern lighting design these pendant lights can also be called modern chandeliers, waterfall lighting or spider lighting. They are ideal for large spaces where there is room to swing out fabric cable or very long spaces light stair wells. The bare bulbs exposed ensure that the space is not cluttered and instead the fabric cable creates the overall shape of the lighting pieces.