Pendant Light: Essentials

A basic hanging pendant is made up of: Ceiling Rose, Cable, Lamp holder with Cable Calmp and a Bulb.

Design your own pendant and see what it looks like first can be done through our configurator.

Ceiling Roses are decorative items that cover the hole in the ceiling.

Choose your cable style and length. Add about 10cm to allow for wiring within the ceiling rose and the lampholder.

Lampholders hold the bulb. You need a cable clamp to secure the cable- this is generally sold seperately.

You can choose lamphoder for light shades that have rings. This allow you to add a shade that is compatible.

If you are looking to 'swag' the cable you can use decentralisers.

Wall mounts are used if you need to secure the cable up or along a wall.

Multi-pendants are also a possibility with them sharing a multi-hole ceiling rose.

Posted on 2024-02-17 FAQ, Pendant Lighting