Help: Rope cable

Using rope cable with rattan and cane shades is definitely a popular design trend like in this kitchen by Kyal and Kara. Please read through all the following information to ensure it will work for your project.

Rope cable comes in different thicknesses. XL is 16mm, 2XL is 24mm and 3XL is 24mm. Using twisted cable in the standard range can also create this look. Rope cable does not come thinner or thicker than these.

Rope cable has it's own range of wooden components to fit the different sized rope widths. This range includes lamp holders and ceiling roses. When choosing your cable please ensure the components match the size of this rope cable.

Rope cable works the same way normal 3core cable. Each core is wrapped in fibre to create the thick rope look. It is fitted by a qualified electrician the same as any other cable. Rope cable cannot support more weight than the recommended 1.7g as per our normal cable. Above this requires additional support like suspension cable or chain.

Rope cable components will NOT hold lampshades because the wooden fittings do not have shade rings. If you will be adding a shade to your rope pendant please consult with your installer onsite to ensure how this will be done. Sometimes cable can be looped to support shades or chain added.

Rope cable CAN be fitted to lampholders with lamp shade rings that are not part of the XL range. Because a shade will be covering the connection a qualified electrician who is confident to 'tidy up' the excess rope padding with tape or a covering could make these components work. Please consult with them.

Rope cable can only be used with XL ceiling roses that match the width of the rope. Using rope cable with the standard 10mm range will not work.

When rope cable is too thick for your project but you still want the look of rope you can look at the normal sized cable in twisted or perhaps the large section cable which is slightly thicker.

Rope cable will NOT work with a plug on the end because the cable is too thick. This means only hard wired pendants can use rope cable.

Should your qualified electrician have any difficulty with using rope cable or the matching components they can have a look at our videos on Youtube.

Rope cable can weave through a shade to secure it.

Rope cable has the ability to tie on itself.

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