Pendant Lighting

Customise your pendant lighting.

Choose your fabric cable length to customise your pendnt light.

Lampshade pendant lighting

Fibre lampshades are a lovely addition to lighting for the home.

Multi Pendant Lighting

Add multiple pendants to create chandeliers and spider like lighting installations.

Porcelain Pendant Lighting

Porcelain is a popular pendant light choice for minimal, sleek interiors.

Pendant Lighting with rope

Jute, rope and natural fibre fabric cable creates amazing nautical inspired pendant lighting.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Metal chades are ideal for kitchen pendant lights. Wipeable, light weight and modern looking.

Adjustable Pendant Lighting

Magnetico is a patented architectural lighting solution that is adjustable and magnetic!

Pendant lighting for Lampshades

Add lampshade lampholdes to your pendant lighting to add your favourite shade.

Creative Cables is a world leader in pendant lighting. With over 300+ fabric cables to choose from and a huge catalogue of designer electrical components you can create unique pendant lighting to suite your home, cafe or brand.

Designing your own pendant lighting requires a few simple steps:

1. Will your pendant light be hardwired or a plug-in? If you would like it to be hard-wired choose a ceiling rose that will ensure a neat fit onto the ceiling. If you require a plug choose from a range of colours that suit your light and lighting cord.

2. Choose your fabric cable. This is the fun bit with so many to choose from! Almost any colour, material and pattern to choose from. Choose the length and if you need three core or two core.

3. Lamp holders are the electrical component fitting that holds the light bulb. These come in a range of sizes E14, E27 and E40 which hold different sized bulbs. If you choose lampholders with shade rings you can add one of our shades, one of your own or add one later on in the future. There is a full selection of colours and materials of lampholders that can match your style.

4. Add a light bulb to complete your pendant light. LEd is a popular choice with lonf life hours and the ability to dim just like incandecent bulbs.

5. Other additons for your pendant lighting includes: decentralisers to hang pendants, wall hooks and dimmers to add to plug-in pendant lights.

Posted on 2020-03-03 Lighting Information

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