Help: Using chain.

If you will be adding your own personal light shade to one of our pendant sets it's important to consider the weight of the pendant. If the weight of your pendant exceeds 1.7kg we recommend using a suspension system or a chain for additional suppport. The cable alone may not be enough to support your pendant light.

Pendant lighting supported by chain.

Many penadant lights that exceed 1.7kg may need additional support with a chain like this pendant from Creative Lighting Solutions. Other examples of heavier pendants includes those made of concrete, heavy weight ceramics, oversized crab pots and baskets. You need to attach the chain directly to the shade.

Pendant lighting supported on hook.

We can supply chain on request to customers. This then needs to be attached to the shade itself and then onto the ceiling rose. You can purchase ceiling roses with hooks or hooks can be added to ceiling roses for this purpose. Ceiling roses must be secured safely to your ceiling. Depending on your ceiling material and what is inside it determines it's safety and can only be done by your installer onsite.

Pendant Lighting supported through ceiling rose.

Your installer may not want to use a hook on your ceiling rose. If so you can pass the chain into the ceiling cavity to attach it more securely. This can only be done with ceiling roses that have a larger hole (3XL) to accompany the cable and the chain. Please look at our XL ceiling rose range for choices.

Posted on 2024-01-28 FAQ

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