Antique Lamps.

In-line dimmer in gold.

Electrical components in gold to match your antique look.

Lamp holder in vintage finishes.

Choose from vintage inspired fittings in bronze, brass, nickel and aged brass.

Vintage twisted cable.

Two core twisted fabric cable for antique lamp cable replacement.

Antique lamp fabric cable.

With over 300+ cable colours and patterns to choose from.

Antique ceiling roses.

Match your antique light lamp holder with other fixtures like ceiling roses.

Pull cord and switches on fittings.

Olden day inspired lamp holders with pull cords and switches.

Antique Lamp

Here at Creative Cables Australia & New Zealand we can help you restore, refurbish or create from scratch your antique lamp.

Many customers come to us looking to replace broken fittings for their antique lamps. This is generally quite simple because we have such a large range of antique inspired electrical fixtures. The hardest part is fitting the new ones to the body of the lamp which is easily resolved because we have many shapes and lengths of all thread that can cater for this.

Our vintage lamp holders come in colours like bronkze, nickle, antique brass, gold and aged brass. You can also choose from lamp holders with switches on the body of the fitting which is ideal for bedside lamps. This option is also available with a pull switch. If however you would prefer to put your switch or dimmer on the fabric cable itself then we have colours that can compliment your style in black,white, translucent and gold.

If you pendant light will have a vintage feel about it then compliment your fitting colours with a matching ceiling rose can have a beautiful period effect. Add hooks to lamp holder for rustic chain additons or wall hooks for an olden days feel.

Overall creating. brand new antqiue lamp with the same period vintage feel was never easier.

Posted on 2019-12-10 Lighting Information