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Lamp dimmers

The use of lamp dimmers and LED dimmers in lighting has been revolutionary in creating mood and practicality within the same light source. Electrical dimmers are a lighting component that adjusts the brightness of a lamp or light. Lowering the intensity of a light’s brightness involves adjusting the voltage. A lamp dimmer can do this by adjusting the voltage waveform that enters a light. By lowering the voltage, you create a low voltage waveform that create a low light output. This is very useful when wanting to create a moody atmosphere for dinner parties, while listening to music, relaxing in the bath or dimming the light to read in bed. They are especially important when using Edison style filament lightbulbs. This enables the glowing filament to be a feature in itself. We all love it when naked bulb pendant sets are hung in cafes and restaurants and the beautiful filament glows lightly creating a warm hue. Not only will you create an atmosphere for any lighting situation in your home or restaurant, but you will also save on your energy bills! In this day and age with sustainability and eco developments or purely just saving money the consideration of what components and bulbs you use in your renovation is important. Also replacing bulbs less often will further your output costs. ...

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