Ceiling batten fix.

Ceiling battens can sit close to the wall or ceiling in tight spaces.

Pendant Lighting.

Pendant lighting can be customised to suite your lighting look.

Wall light fitting.

Add light fittings to walls for purposeful lighting solutions.

Lampholders as light fittings.

Lamp holders, the essential key in all lighting.

Plug-in pendant light.

Pendant light can be plugged into to create portable lighting solutions.

Table lights.

Turn light fittings upside down to create your own table lamps.

Light Fitting

What is a light fitting or fixture?

The term light fitting comprises as a broad term for a lighting unit. However sometimes more specifically a light fitting can be the electrical component, the lamp holder, in which the light bulbs is attached.

What does a light fitting do?

The fitting is the process of converting the electrical current into a form of light for practical or decorative purposes. It can be attached to the ceiling, wall or in the form of a pendant or plug-in pendant called a snake. Overall light fitting is a wide term that encompasses many facets of a light system!

What are the components I need to make a light fitting?

Firstly, the electrical current of your home or workplace needs to travel to a light bulb to create light. Where will your light sit? If it’s on the ceiling a ceiling light batten will fit flush on the ceiling in which a shade can be added or just a naked bulb visible. This process is also possible on a wall at a vertical angle. Alternatively, a pendant light can be installed. This is where the current moves through a ceiling rose, down a length of fabric cable and into a lamp holder where the bulb is fitted. Varying lengths, colours and designs are available for this option giving you full creative flair. Light fittings as in table lamps or pug-in pendants work in very much the same way but instead of a ceiling rose they use a plug to plug directly into the mains.

In addition to the components of ceiling rose, fabric cable, lamp holder, plug and wall batten a few extra electrical accessories can be used to create your look. Add a dimmer to soften your lightbulb output for ambient mood lighting. Use decentralizes to hand pendants from different point on the ceiling. This is used particularly for chandelier type multi pendants with many arms. And in the case of table lamps add a switch for ease of use.

Posted on 2019-11-25 Lighting Information