Electrical Cable

2 & 3 Core Cable

Electrical cable has copper wire within PVC coating that delivers the elctrical current to your fitting.

300+ colours and style!

Creative Cables has the largest selection of fabric cable in the world!

Pendant lighting electrical cable.

Choose cable to match your brand or interior aesthetic.

Rope electrical cable.

We stock rope cable that has electrical cord through it!

Woven in Italy.

Our cable is woven in a family owned mill in Italy.

Creative Tube wall conduit.

creative Tube can be run along walls to deliver electricity in a decorative fashion!

Electrical Cable

Electrical cable is the cable that carries the electrical current from the hardwired power source to your light fitting. It is generally used to connect two points with the transfer of electricity from one to the other. Fabric cable is electrical cable that is covered in a woven fabric material making it a preferred choice for designers. Electrical cable is also called pendant cable, lamp cord, cloth cord, light wire and electrical flex.

What is Electrical Cable?

Inside the electrical cable you will find copper wires running through a PVC insulated sheath.

What is the difference between 3core & 2 core electrical wire?

There is often a bit of confusion when customers need to choose between the two cores but it really is very simple. 3core cable refers to three wires within the sheath. While 2core relates to two wires within the sheath. Most of our cable comes in both 3core and 2core however some styles like twisted cord because of its design is only 2core. When you look closely you will see only 2 pieces of thin cabling wrapping around each other. A third core or electrical wire is necessary when you need to earth the light. This relates to if metal is used at all in the light fitting and often not needed if you are using bakelite or thermoplastic lamp holders. Check with your electrician first abut which cable you will need for your project and if in doubt purchase 3core as the extra core can just be left.

Why is it covered in Fabric?

Creative Cables works in partnership with an Italian mill in Torino to weave the beautiful patterns and colours you see on our fabric cable. We use electrical cable tested to the highest of standards and cover this wire with the fabric covering. This allow for a fulling functioning electrical wire while still being fashionable and beautiful. This gives designers and renovators a much larger scope to choose from when customising their lighting.

What different types of electrical cable do you stock?

Our predominant range is fabric cafb;e in 2core and three core. These come in materials such as rayon, cotton, glitter, neon, linen, jute and wire. We also stock rope cable, outdoor fabric cable, large section cable and wall conduit called Creative Tube.

Posted on 2019-12-10 Lighting Information