Choose your fitting.

Match your lamp holder fitting to the correct lightbulb.

Dimmable lightbulbs.

Not all lightbulb can be dimmed.

Lightbulb wattage.

Choose lightbulb wattage based on the light output requirement.

Decorative light globes.

Decorative elements of the lightbulb include, shape and colour of the glass.

LED technology.

LED technology allows for differnt shapes and a cooler bulb.

Decorative filaments.

Different shaped filaments allow for a more personalised lighting look.

Light Bulbs

With a wide range of light bulbs to choose from in our catalogue here is a breakdown of the categories within lightbulbs that will help you decided which one is right for you.

What is the electrical fitting the light bulb will be used in?

Ensure you have the right light bulb for your lamp holders is by far the first step. Choose from E14, E27 and E40 for different sizes. And Bayonet fittings require bayonet light bulbs to match.

Do you want your light bulb to dim?

This is often a good place to start because this will narrow the selection you have to choose from. Not all light bulbs dim successfully, and some LED light bulbs don’t dim at all. Dimmers come in two basic types. Those that are hardwired into the wall at the switch point. And those that have inline dimmers along the fabric cable. Both will require dimmable light bulbs. If you will not be using a dimmer, then you can choose from all lightbulbs- including the dimmable ones!

What will your light bulb be used for? How bright does it need to be?

Light bulbs come in different wattages which simply put is how bright they glow. Light bulbs used in decorative pendants for mood lighting generally will be a lower wattage to create an ambient look. However, of your bulbs will be used in work areas, for reading or in low light areas then a higher wattage would need to be considered.

Do I choose LED light bulbs or incandescent?

Incandescent have a lovey vintage feel about them with the filaments being a feature all of their own. Fortunately, LED technology has advanced so much now that it can mimic this look. LED technology light bulbs also have the advantage of long-life hours and not generating heat making them a more sustainable choice.

Do I want my light bulb to be decorative?

Our range of light bulbs is so diverse that the average customer can ask the question- how do I want my light bulb to look? No longer are there just simple round clear glassed light globes but a whole lot more to choose from. Have a look at different shaped bulbs such as hearts, tear drops and pears. Consider the coloured glass that might compliment your interior like pink, green or smokey grey. And finally, if your using your light bulb in a nude pendant where the bulb will be seen then choose a filament that will wow its viewers- spirals, long filaments and words saying ‘Love’.

Posted on 2019-11-25 Lighting Information