What is a batten holder?

Batten holder with shade rings.

Choose batten holders with lamp shade rings to add your favourite shades.

Table light batten holders.

Use batten holders with fabric cable to use table lights or plug-in batten holders.

Fixing batten holders.

Batten holders are installed the same way ceiling rosees are: with mounting plates.

Adjustable wall battens.

Wall fixtures with adjustable arms are ideal for directing the light like over bathroom mirrors.

Wooden wall fixtures.

Battens can be used on ceilings and walls to create lighting variety.

Lampshade ceiling light.

Add and remove shades to batten fixtures to clean or update your lighting look.

What is a batten holder?

A batten holder is an electrical component. It is the light fittings that is hard wired to the wiring in your home, café or space in which the light bulb is screwed into. Instead of fabric cable connecting a lamp holder to the ceiling, a batten holder reduces the need to use electrical cord. It is instead a lamp holder connected directly to a wall or ceiling.

Extra fixtures can be added to this component such as shades and cable extenders.

Also known as a DIY batten fix, ceiling fitting, ceiling lamp holder, fermaluce or spocaluce.

Why choose batten holders?

Batten holders are a useful choice in design because of the flexibility they allow. Once fixed in the ceiling or onto a wall there is no need to call an electrician if you want to change your lighting design. It is the ultimate in DIY lighting. If you don’t have space to hang a pendant, then this component is ideal because of its flush fit with the surface you are installing it onto. Batten holders can have shades attached directly to them allowing an ease of updating or cleaning your light shades.

Batten holders can come in a few different fittings such as bayonet or Edison screw so it’s important to check what kind of light bulb you will be securing into it.

Here at Creative Cables Australia & New Zealand we also stock batten holder base plates that have room for a fabric cable exit allowing your batten holder to be plugged into the wall!

Batten fixtures can be created by combining a ceiling rose and lamp holder of your choice. If you can’t find the right wall fitting choose from our extensive range of electrical components to create your own! Choose from materials such as wood, timber, metal, thermoplastic, Bakelite, bark and silicone.

Posted on 2019-11-21 Lighting Information