LED Golden Light Bulb - Edison ST64 Curved Double Loop Filament - 5W E27 Dimmable 2000K


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Finally an LED bulb as beautiful as its carbon filament counterpart: the filament LED Golden Light Bulb - Edison ST64 Curved Double Loop Filament revolutionises LED bulbs aesthetics.
Its curved filament emanates a warm and intimate light, comparable to the traditional 40-45W bulbs but with lower consumption and longer duration.
The golden tinted glass contributes a vintage feel to the final result. Just like old-fashioned bulbs, you will be able to adjust the luminous intensity to adapt it to different spaces and moments.

ATTENTION: to properly dim an LED bulb, a specific dimmer or the latest generation of universal dimmers is required.
You will find a specific section on our website with a selection of both wall and in-line models.

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Consumption: 5W.
Brilliance: 250 lumen.
Fitting: E27.
Class: A.
Width: 64mm.
Height: 146mm.
RA: >80.
Aperture beam: 360°.
Time to reach maximum light intensity: 0 seconds.
Light colour: 2000K.

Our bulbs with straight filament can work with all DIMMERS (TRIAC or IGBT), while for curved filament bulbs, IGBT dimming is highly recommended.

For the choice of the dimmer: in addition to the maximum power of the user, the minimum power must also be considered, because when the regulated power is lower than the minimum rating, the user can "flicker" and / or be damaged.

Data sheet
Diameter64 Ø
Color Temperature2000°K
Energy Efficiency ClassA
Light bulb typeLed
Lumen250 Lm
Opening Beam360°
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What is an incandescent edison light bulb?
This traditional form of lighting is the heating up of a filament to a point in which it glows creating a light source. This is different to LED. LED stands for light emitting diodes. Is it a conductor that will glow when electricity is passed through it and is a preferred method for lighting moving into the future.
What is a filament?
Filaments are the internals of a light bulb that emit the light. When a current is passed through the tungsten of an incandescent light bulb it will glow because of the heat. LED filaments are made to replicate this look but using LED technology which doesn’t create heat.