Cable clamp cord grips.

Cable clamps may be small but they are essential in the construction of your pendant light. Used to secure and relived pressure on the cord they sit between the cable length and the ceiling rose and lamp holder. Our lamp holders and ceiling roses come with cable retainers however if you want to create a certain lighting look consider changing from a standard simple plastic cone shaped cord grip to a metal finished one to match.

Our cord grips are made specifically to suit the diameter of our fabric cable. Our grips come in two parts- the threaded attachment that secures the fabric cable that passes through it and the decorative piece that is visible above it.

A cord grip is always a good idea because it relives the pull of a pendant. This adds protection from the cable pulling out or being under stress.

Creative Cables Australia & New Zealand has a range of cable clamps that vary in length. In general a short under 2cm in length cable grip is used. However, our range has extended to include long ones at up to 15cm in length. This create a modern look in pendant lighting that can be customized to your desires.

Cone shaped plastic cable clamp.

Cylinder plastic shaped cord grip.

Cylinder metal cable clamp to match your lamp holder.

Metal cable clamps to enhance your ceiling roses.

Enhance your lighting look with longer cable clamps.

Two part screw process to secure your fabric cable.

Longer cord grips to enhace your pendant lighting.

The metal cable clamp is four parts.

Cable clamps come up to 15cm long.

Posted on 2019-10-29 Fabric Cable

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