LED light bulbs

LED technology can create artistic shapes.

There is no size limit to LED light bulbs!

Even plants and flowers love LED lighting!

LED lights can create the same glow as incandescent bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs

For some of us LED light bulbs conjure up blue harsh lights that aren’t suitable for atmospheric lighting. This is definitely not something we are looking for to add to our beautifully designed spaces. But Oh how the technology has changed! Here at Creative Cables Australia & New Zealand we stock predominately LED bulbs. There are numerous reasons for this in which I will outline here.

  1.      LED lighting lasts longer. With a life of around 1500hrs you won’t be changing your light bulbs as often! That’s about 13years for 3hrs a day! In comparison an incandescent bulb may last 2years and a fluorescent light bulb perhaps 10years. This is a sizable difference when considering which bulb to choose. Not only is it cost effective in purchasing less but you don’t need to get up that ladder as often!
  2.      LED light bulbs don’t get hot. With the use of its different technology Led lighting doesn’t get hot. This is important in a few ways. Less heat means it’s safer for anyone that has access to touching the bulb. Also less heat means less risk of fire if you are using materials next to the light bulbs lie fabric lampshades. In addition to this it’s a sustainable choice if less heat is emitted in homes than need to be cooled.
  3.      LED light bulbs have pretty filaments too! We all are in love with the spirals and lines of the incandescent bulbs. They create a kind of nostalgic romance with a warm glow. Our Led light globes have been able to replicate this look and more! Not only do you get the classic vintage light bulb look but the increase in creativity with looped filaments, patterns like hearts and clouds and even the ability to write words like home and love.

LED light bulbs are definitely the way of the future. With a demand for more creatively designed lighting and the importance of sustainable choices in our spaces. We still stock incandescent bulbs to replace those that customers have purchased from us in the past however we strongly recommend that the next time you change a light bulb you ask the question: should I make my next choice an LED light bulb? And if you have a closer look at the wide range that we stock you may well be surprised and inspired for a new choice in light globe.

Posted on 2019-11-14 Lightbulbs

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