E40 lightbulbs and fittings.

Create stunning pendant lamps with our porcelain lamp holder range.

Make a huge statement with light bulbs that are bigger than can be believed!

Choose from unusual shapes and filaments in our LED decorative light bulb range.

Our vintage inspired milled metal range will be sure to compete your industrial look.

Light bulbs require delicat packaging! Our bulbs are safely packed for secure shipping.

The E stands for Edison the screw fitting within. 40 refers to the internal diameter of 40mm.

E40 is the super sized version of electrical components in our range. It’s the extra-large light bulbs and the lamp holders that support them. 

Light fitting codes can sometimes feel confusing with the use of letter and numbers: like we need an electrical certificate to understand which light bulbs we need! It’s really not as complicated as it seems and I will explain it here:

E. E stands for Edison which used to be called ES Edison Screw. Developed by Thomas Edison this is the screw fitting used to connect light bulbs to their light fitting lamp holder in a secure and safe manner. An alternative to the Edison screw fitting would be a bayonet fittings. This is represented by a B and instead of a screw motion when inserting a light bulb into a lamp holder you push downwards with a slight turn to secure the radial pins into a lock position. Edison bulbs will not fit into a bayonet fitting and vise versa. In Australia we have a combination of both fittings with Edison being increasingly more popular. 

40. This number is a general reference to the millimetre diameter of the light fitting. 40mm is the largest of the standard home bulbs and sizes go down through 27mm., the most common and popular and further down to 14mm for small light bulbs.

 E40 light fittings and components are ideal for large spaces, lighting installations, industrial warehouses and vast restaurant rooms.

Posted on 2019-07-19 Featured, Lightbulbs

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