LED light bulb technology.

Amazing LED filament shapes.

LED technology allows for increible shaped filaments within light bulbs.

Beautiful coloured light bulbs.

In addition to beautiful filaments choose LED light bulbs with coloured glass.

Exclusive LED light bulbs.

Use LED technology to write words to promote your business or brand.

LED light bulb technology.

The light-emitting diode is where the name LED comes from.

Longer lasting light bulbs.

LED light bulbs last longer than incandecent bulbs making them a more afforable choice.

Designer LED light bulbs.

With bulbs this beautiful you can forgoe the shade on the pendant.

How does a LED bulb work?

LED stands for a light-emitting diode. When a current runs through it a light is emitted from the filament. When the particles that hold the electric current meet with the semiconductor material of the filament light radiates from the meeting point. This semi conductor material can be made of materials like germanium or silicon and can be made to control the number of electron holes that are ‘filled’ and ‘lit up’ when the electrons of the current are introduced. Thus the output of light can be manipulated.

LED technology has been around for about 50years even though it is considered a relatively new ‘discovery’. It is fast become the preferred technology for light emitting globes. LED technology is more efficient in turning energy into light and thus doesn’t get hot with excess energy being released. This is because LED’s don’t waste energy in the form of non-light producing heat because of the use of ‘cold’ light technology. It is also a bit more durable and shock proof making it a sustainable choice.

Here at Creative Cables Australia & New Zealand we have a huge range of LED light bulbs. Our range includes fittings from E14, E27 through to E40. Because of this advance technology the LED filaments can come in the most wonderfully diverse shape. Our Art LED light bulbs range includes shapes like hearts, swirls, candle flames and clouds. Using this technology give the customer the flexibility to make their lighting a feature or pick the perfect light bulb for the occasion. To match the decorative quality of the LED filament, the glass can also come in a multitude of colours: smoky grey for modern sleek interiors. Green for feature lighting and blue, pink and brown in the decorative bottle range. Our most exciting range to date is the Pastel LED light bulb range which include a coloured gradation of colour across the bulb from blue to pink or black to blue!

Posted on 2019-12-03 Lighting Information