E27 lamp holder kit in recycled plastic from 3D printing

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Bring your rooms to a new level with the new Creative-Cables lamp holder kit: a product where creativity and sustainability intertwine, made exclusively from recycled plastic using 3D printer technology. A unique design piece to bring together aesthetics, sustainability and innovation.

A colourful, fun E27 lamp holder, with a distinctive shape and a strong personality, perfectly embodying the Creative-Cables style. A product where appearance is as prominent as texture - featuring raised concentric circles - and colour, thanks to the gorgeous shades and tones in which it is presented.

What makes this lamp holder so special?

There are a number of features that make this lamp holder unique:

  • the distinctive shape, obtained through the 3D printer
  • the texture, with raised concentric circles
  • the elegant colour palette available: natural or vibrant colours that adapt to any environment
  • Low environmental impact: the product was created through a leaner manufacturing process that doesn’t require the creation of molds, and it’s made from 100% recycled plastic originating from traceable sources.

Recycled plastic: a positive ecological footprint

What makes this E27 lamp holder even more special is the material: recycled plastic. That way, the product both helps reduce the environmental impact and promotes circular economy. By choosing this lamp holder you’ll contribute to reducing material reuse and plastic waste in landfills.

Which range of colours is available?

The lamp holder in recycled plastic is available in different shades and colours. Whether you’re looking for a simple, discreet lamp holder or a fun, bolder one you will find your perfect fit here.

Extra sparkle

Unlike other typical lamp holders, this item transforms into an eye-catching ornamental element, capable of enhancing the style of any room.

To sum it up, this lamp holder made from recycled plastic through 3D printing is an innovative design element that marries aesthetics and sustainability. With its eclectic texture, unconventional shape, recycled material, and wide range of colours, this lamp holder has the ability to transform the lighting of any room, adding a touch of magic and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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E27 lamp holder kit in 100% recycled PLA, with hidden cable clamp:

  • ⌀ 41 mm
  • h 71 mm
  • ⌀ upper hole 10 mm

E27 smooth thermoplastic lamp holder, ENEC quality mark.
Technopolymer cable clamp included.

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LampshadeWithout lampshade
Product typeLamp holder for naked bulb
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