MasterChef Lightbulbs!

Masterchef is the most famous and appreciated competitive cooking show of the last years and deserves it's own lightbulb range!

TV show starts soon.
As one of Australia's favourite family shows the Australian 2019 series to set to start up very soon.

Gift Box.
The boxed merchandising range is perfect for the Masterchef enthusiast or budding chef!

Warm Glow
With a colour temperature of 2000K they create a warm light, perfect for dining room areas.

Four filament styles
Choose between fork, spoon, knife, chef's hat and Masterchef 'M hotplate' logo.

Light bulb type: LED
Diameter: 125 mm
Energy efficiency: A
Adjustment: dimmable

Light bulb intensity adjusted with an international LED dimmer, see our range

Posted on 2019-02-28 Featured, Lightbulbs

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