Bottle Light Bulbs

Who knew if Thomas Edison, when patenting the first light bulb in 1880, realized that it would eventually an essential object in daily life?
He most certainly did not imagine that it would eventually be transformed into a decorative design element!

Made in Europe.
Edison style decorative light globe with a spiral mounted LED filament inside coloured glass made in Germany.

Huge Collection
We have one of the largest variety of light bulbs in Australia and New Zealand with 9 styles in this category alone.

Long Lifetime
This LED dimmable light bulb has a lifetime of 15000hrs!

Made by reusing a real 330 ml recycled beer bottle for an authentic upcycled look.

Matches well with vintage style lamp holders and decorative fabric cables to customize your own light style.

Light bulb intensity adjusted with LED dimmer to create warm ambient moods.

Posted on 2019-02-06 Lightbulbs

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