Shades: Hidden components

If you are looking to have minimal components visible on your shade consider using this method to hang your pendant.

The hole in the shade must be 10mm. This allows the allthread to pass through it. Choose any cable clamp to secure the cable above the shade.

By using a washer on the underside this will support the shade. The lampholder is then screwed onto the allthread.

The base of the shade must be hollow enough to be able to put your hand up inside to fasten the lampholder.

You will need: cable, cable clamp, all thread (long enough to pass through) and a lampholder. If you use longer all thread you will need a nut.

If you would like the bulb to hang lower you can use longer all thread or like in this image: cable, cable clamp, all-thread, washer, nut, cable clamplampholder.

Buy this washer set here.

Washer set used directly on a shade.

Beautiful use of hidden cables by @mudhavi

Please note that this set up must be installed around your shade. We cannot send out a ready made pendant and you be able to add your shade to it.

Posted on 2024-01-27 FAQ