Table Light: DIY base

Before completeing the design of your ceamic base it is worth noting how the electrical components will work with what you have made.

Use Creative Cables Feet to raise the ceramic base so the cable can exit beneath it.

Build in a 'cut out' for the cable to exit the base. This hole should be atleast 10mm in size.

Base must be hollow. All thread connects the external components with a nut securing them internally.

Ceramic bases can have external components secured through a small hole in the base.

This hole must be 10mm in size to allow all thread and cable to pass through it. This can be purchased in different lengths.

Components are secured using all thread and a nut. Washers and washer sets can also be used.

Extensions can be added to lampholders. All thread attaches these together.

Lampholders can be attached to ceramic bases using the shade rings of 'lampholders for shades'.

Most of our components are European sizes which means that the hole needs to be atleast 40mm wide. The individual dimentions of each lamp holder are on the product page.

Posted on 2023-10-28 FAQ