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Gold Fabric Lighting cable

RM05 Gold Rayon Cable  
RR13 Brass Metal Cable 
RM22 Whiskey Rayon Cable  
RM13 Lemon Rayon

Brass Components

Large Edison Lampholder in Brass with Extention Tube in Brushed Bronze.

Chrome Components

Metal E27 lampholder kit for lampshade in Silver with Extenion in Chrome.


A very light terracotta shade.

ERC36 Brick & Light Blue  
ERM49 White & Whiskey  
ERM3 Beer Foam  
RC23 Deer 
RN06 Jute  
RN27 Orange Clay

Natural Colours

Natural colour range that are less warm than Jute Rn06.

Rope Thickness

XL  16mm
2XL  24mm
2XL  24mm
3XL  30mm

Brushed titanium

Brushed Titanium Ceiling Rose
RR12 Tin (metal covered)
RM26 Grey
RM27 Cipria

Metal Colour

Petrol Lampholder

Semi-threaded lampholder in petrol against:
RC21 Cerulean
RM11 Cyan
RM12 Blue
All blue cables can be seen here.

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