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450 Lm - 14780 Lm

Color Temperature

2200 K - 2800 K

Multi Pendant Light

Multi pendant lighting is a simple way to create a big lighting statement. Pendant suspensions are hardwired from the same spot on one ceiling rose...

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items

What is a multi pendant light?
A multi pendant light uses more than one single pendant light in its configuration. These can be very large with up to 15 or as simple as just 2 pendant suspensions.

Where do I use multi pendant lights?
These lighting systems are used for a few different reasons. Perhaps more light is required in an area so more pendant suspensions are installed to counterbalance this. Alternatively, it could just be for the decorative look of a few more lights! Grouping of two and three can look chic in the corner of the room. More than 10 pendants can look incredible hung at different heights in stair wells creating a waterfall lighting piece.