Ceiling Roses 

A ceiing rose is also know as a rosette or canpoy in Australia.
It is the practical and decorative electrical component which sits between the pendant light and its hard wiring in the ceiling.
Our ceiing roses can come in many different, sizes, styles, materials and finishes including metal, silicone, bakelite, porcelaine, ceramic, antique, vintage and wood
Complement your pendant lighting with Creative Cables Australia ceiling roses.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 205 items

Ceiling Rose

Depending on where you live in the world will depend on what you call a ceiling rose. Names can range from ceiling moulding, rosette, ceiling canopy, centre piece, ceiling embellishment and architectural ornament. No matter what you call it they serve the same purpose. They are the ceiling fixture that a pendant light comes out of. Put even more simply a ceiling rose is the piece in the ceiling where the electrical wires pass through into the roof canopy. Fixed to the ceiling they decoratively cover the hole or are used as a feature as part of the pendant light. Pendant lights are often a feature of a room so it’s important to ensure you give detail to the rose itself and choose a ceiling rose that is going to serve the right purpose. Before the invention of electrical lighting, gas or candle lighting was used in candelabras. Any heat or soot markings above the feature had a tendency to mark the ceiling. This is where the decorative plaster ceiling roses came in handy as they somewhat disguised the markings and then this section alone was repainted to look new again. Fortunately we don’t have that problem anymore but instead have the added advantage of using this lighting fixture to enhance our designer pendant lighting...

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