Multiple Pendant Lighting

What is Multiple Pendant Lighting?

Multiple pendant lighting uses groups of one or more single pendant lights to create a larger lighting piece. These lights can have bare bulbs or light shades. The pendant suspensions share the same ceiling rose to create a unified look.

Where do I use Multiple Pendant Lights?

Multiple pendant installations are ideal in stair wells where you want to create a statement lighting pieces. Alternatively decentralise multiple pendants from a central ceiling rose to create a ‘spider’ like chandelier. However multiple pendant lights can include lighting systems with just two pendants! Hung at different heights and sharing the same ceiling plates creates a very simple and clean look in room corners where more light is needed.  

How do I design my multiple pendant light?

Firstly, decide how many pendant suspensions you would like and if they will have shades or not. This is important because the lamp holder is different for each of these options. Then decide what type of ceiling rose they will be hung from. The distance between the pendant bulbs will determine the size of the ceiling rose. We do stock XL ones that ensure you can create wide enough lighting designs. From there you can design you lights just any ‘normal’ light: fabric cable, lamp holder and bulb. The use of decentralises can be used to swing pendant lights further apart. Ensure you order each pendant longer than you need. This way when it is installed you have the option of moving it up and down to suit the eye.

How do I assemble my multi pendant light?

All electrical work in Australia needs to be done by a qualified electrician. Should they have any assembly issues with the components you have chosen from us then they can refer to our video tutorials. Alternatively ask us to assemble it for you!