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Single Pendant Lighting

What is single pendant lighting? 

A single pendant light is a lighting suspension that uses just one light source. This pendant will be hardwired. These lights can have bare bulbs or use light shades.

Where do I use single pendant lighting?

This style of pendant lighting is used when you want just one lighting suspension. For example, in reading nooks, next to beds or in smaller spaces like bathrooms or offices. Single pendant lights can be coupled with other single pendant lights though, creating larger lighting projects. This can be seen with rows of single lights over kitchen benches or a pendant light hung on either side of a bed.

How do I design a single pendant light?

It is a very simple process to design a single pendant light.

  1. Will you be using a shade on the pendant light or having a bare bulb pendant look?

  2. Ceiling Rose. Ceiling roses are used on hardwired pendant lights are the decorative plate on the ceiling. They are non-electrical and not essential however compete the look of a pendant and ensure that the hardwiring is neat.

  3. Fabric Cable. Pick your favourite fabric cable! Not often an easy choice because we have so many to choose from.

  4. Lamp holder. The lamp holder is what holds the bulb. Make it a feature by choosing a bright colour! Or keep it simple with porcelain whites, eco woods or simple blacks.

  5. Light bulb. Bare bulb pendant lights deserve beautiful bulbs so choose a beautiful bulb to highlight your light. Or if you will be adding a shade choose a dimmable bulb to create atmosphere or a coloured glass like gold or smoky grey to compliment the shade.

How do I assemble my pendant with light shade?

All electrical work in Australia needs to be done by a qualified electrician. Should they have any assembly issues with the components you have chosen from us then they can refer to our video tutorials. Alternatively ask us to assemble it for you!