Pendant Light: Design online.

Here at Creative Cables we make designing your own light easy. Use the configurator or if you can't find what you are looking for please send us an email:

Pendant lighting is made up of a few different components. You can purchase these for your electrician to install or design your own already assembled. See this post about which compoentns you need for your pendant light.

The easiest way to design your own pendant light is to use our configurator which will visually show you how it will look. Also you can't make a mistake!

Our configurator not only designs pendant lights but table lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, plug in pendants and wirings.

Follow the steps on the configurator and choose the components you want to make up your penadant light.

Unsure if you need 2 core or 3 core cable? Our configurator will guide you through what is possible for each component.

Already have a component at home you want to use? Just deselect that lighting component.

Design you pendant light exactly to suit your own personal taste!

Choose the length of your pendant light.

On the final page all components are listed so you can check that you are getting everything your electrician needs to install..

Posted on 2024-02-20 FAQ, Pendant Lighting