Cable: Cores

Our fabric cables come in 2 core 2x0.75 and 3 core 3x0.75. Please consult with your electrician in regards to what your project needs. When in doubt 3 core should cover all bases.

The number of cores relates to the number of wirings within a cable. 0.75 is the width of the internal copper wiring.

Electricians match the number of wirings to what each lampholders need.

This lampholder has two connection points. Thus would use 2 core cable.

This lampholder requires 3 core. The third core is used to earth this lampholder mainly due to the materials  it is made from: metal.

Three core cable can be used on 2 core components. Electricians have the abillity to not connect the earth cable.

Ultimatley you need to check with your electrician as to what they need to complete the project.

Posted on 2023-12-31 FAQ