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We have the largest collection of fabric cable in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you call it electrical flex, cloth cord, lamp cord or fabric...

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    Maximum order - 10 samples. Photos of our fabric cable are quite true to life. However if you would like a 10cm sample to show your clients or to compare against your lighting project please select the number of samples you require and add the fabric cable code to the Customization notes below. Please note that this does NOT include the rope cord, metal...
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What is another name for electrical cable? Fabric cable is known as many names! It can be called electrical cable, electrical wire, cloth cord, lamp cord, electrical flex, lighting cord, electric wire, wiring and lamp cable. Essentially it is the cord in which a power source can travel from hardwiring or plug to light fitting. Here at Creative Cables Australia and New Zealand we have the largest collection of fabric cable in Australasia! With over 300+ styles to choose from you will be sure to find the perfect match for lighting project...

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