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  • $15.00 Available
    The E27 metal lamp holder colour silver with double ferrule fits perfectly into settings of all styles: from vintage to modern, it will never be out of place! Thanks to its removable double ferrule and threaded body, this metal lamp holder can support any lampshade and any decorative accessory with an E27 fitting. Furthermore, in the new version with...
  • $43.00 Available
    Set up your porcelain pendant with Blue Rayon textile cable RM12: Choose the length of the cable and if you prefer to receive it already mounted by our staff or in the DIY kit.Our pendants are ideal to give a touch of style and color to your home. Depending on the length of the cable you can decide whether and how to invent special effects, rolling or...
  • $53.00 Available
    Hanging Lamp RC30 Stone Gray Cotton Snake: choose the colour of the plug, the socket's colour and the cable's length. Creative-Cables' Snake is ideal to bring the light wherever you want. The thermoplastic's socket with switch allows you to easily control the light bulb turning on and off. Warning! Lamp is NOT included, you can find a wide choice of...
  • $19.00 Available
    The next step in our Classic Brilliance line. The 64 mm Vintage Edison bulb is designed with a LED filament that is twice as long as its predecessor: this way, you will obtain a greater distribution of light intensity, whilst having less glare as a side effect, making it perfect for all installations that leave the bulb visible. The temperature of this...
  • $275.00 Available
    The ceramic Cup lampshade from the Materia collection will bring a touch of colour to your home, with its shapes that are reminiscent of the typical Mediterranean atmosphere. Handmade in Italy, the Cup lampshade has an outer Avion colour finish and it is decorated with different striations that vary on each piece: therefore, every lampshade is unique! The...
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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