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    The dimmable XXL LED Emerald Light Bulb - Pear A165 Curved Double Spiral Filament - 5W is the new standard of giant light bulbs. We have worked hard to improve one of the best-selling products of our catalogue: we replaced the carbon filament with a curved LED filament which assures the same allure but with a consumption of only 5W (instead of the 100W of...
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    This lampshade in milk polyester fibre is supplied in an assembly kit including a universal suspension tool compatible with any E27 lamp holder for lampshades. The texture of Dome is perforated with micro-holes that guarantee an original and gentle lighting effect. It is totally handmade and perfect to create single or multiple suspension lamps: choose...
  • $54.00 Available
    Hanging Lamp TM00 Ivory Rayon Snake: choose the colour of the plug, the socket's colour and the cable's length. Creative-Cables' Snake is ideal to bring the light wherever you want. The thermoplastic's socket with switch allows you to easily control the light bulb turning on and off. Warning! Lamp is NOT included, you can find a wide choice of light...
  • $34.00 Available
    Set up your pendant for lampshade with Black Glittering Natural Linen textile cable RS81: Choose the color of the rosette and of the lampholder, the length of the cable and if you prefer to receive it already mounted by our staff or in the DIY kit.Our pendants are ideal to give a touch of style and color to your home. Depending on the length of the cable...
  • $10.00 Available
    Do you need more power? This large section cable 3x1,50 mm² covered by rayon 3D Black White RT41, is perfect to create extension cords, multi-sockets or to bring power to your electrical appliances. The electrical wires have a double isolation in a high flexibility pvc. All Creative-Cables electrical cables are 100% made in Italy and IMQ-Har certified....
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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