Australian Offices

Steve: Creative-Cables Australian & New Zealand Founder and Designer.

Unmissable in size, expression and volume. The only time Steve is quiet is when his headphones are in and he's deep in creative mode- not even the postage delivery guy can get his attention.


Helena: Australian & New Zealand Marketing & PR.

Between running the kids to school, doing a load of washing, working on the CA website, cooking a hot lunch and cleaning up after Steve we can only believe that Helena is part Octopus with all her arms on the go. Although she'd rather think of herself as a mermaid.


Main office in Italy

Luca: CEO&Founder.

Higher than a pendant, more restless than a carbon filament, he always has a cartoon bubble over his head with a (led) light bulb in it. At the office everyone is afraid of which new sudden idea he's going to come out with. Someone tried to tie him to a chair with a (textile) cable, but it didn't work.

Luca Creative-Cables

Valentina: Customer Service Italy and B2B.

Mother of two beautiful children, it is impossible to stop her. She's the backbone of our office. Some American Universities are interested in researching the incredible intensity of her voice.

Valentina Creative-Cables

Gloria: Customer Service France.

She's the youngest and she's renowned for her obsessive precision. She's determined, always on time and helpful, but don't touch her french customers or she might bite you!

Gloria Creative-Cables

Aurora: Customer Service Italy and Partners.

Passionate reader, she came into our office directly from Hogwarts. She uses magic to fill out waybills, whispering “Avada Kedavra!”

Aurora Creative-Cables

Serena: Social Media Manager.

Her nickname at the office is “the stalker” due to her investigative abilities on social networks. She works swinging her head at the rhythm of metal music, which she listens to through her giant headphones at an insane volume.

Serena Creative-Cables

Francesco: Photographer.

Rome made him a mix between Alberto Sordi's sympathy and Marcello Mastroianni's elegance. He hates when the washing machine makes his pullovers more pink than necessary. Nothing that photoshop can't fix.

Francesco Creative-Cables

Marco: Web Developer.

He's the boss of uploading. His .csv files to translate are extremely feared. He's the quieter guy at the office, and yet the one with the widest collection of emoticons on Skype. His fueled by bresaola.

Marco Creative-Cables

Ambra: Web Developer.

There's no technological problem she can't solve. Her creative personality is shown by her being colorful and dynamic. She's considered the “sentinel” of the office, because she checks meticulously everyone's work.

Ambra Creative-Cables

Achille: Purchasing Consultant.

Experience and competence. His explainations on products are worth of Alberto Angela. His Star Wars imperial march ringtone made him comparable to Great Master Yoda, even if he's three times higher.

Achille Creative-Cables

Alberto: Sales Manager.

He juggles lampshades and ceramics, national and international shippings, managing to remain extra informed on the new weekly releases on Netflix. His elegance makes him perfect to become the new Derek Zoolander.

Alberto Creative-Cables

Luciana: Accounting.

She controls and records everything. She manages to bring order in an office full of messy creative people. She files any document at the speed of light. Obviously, she's extremely feared.

Luciana Creative-Cables

Federico: Warehouse Keeper.

Resourceful and determined, the prolonged contact with our products is transforming him in a fashion designer worthy of the best scandinavian blogs. He's been decorating his home for more then six months, but he hasn't finished yet.

Federico Creative-Cables

Gianni: Warehouseman.

As fit as Diabolik, as determined as Kojack. Constantly eating gumdrops, he deals with the B2B order, listening to The Queens.

Gianni Creative-Cables

Alessandra: Assembling Attendant.

Kind and sunny, her fine and delicate hands are a true fighting machine for the assembling of our products. She's getting ready to win the World Guinnes Record for highest number of Snakes assembled in a day.

Alessandra Creative-Cables

Donato: Warehouseman.

Closing the highest number of orders is a daily challenge for him. After all, he practices thai-boxing and his favourite food is pizza. He's more reckless than a Mutant Ninja Turtle, and stronger than Hercules.

Donato Creative-Cables

Marco: Warehouseman.

When he sees our chrome rosettes he imagines to be at his DJ decks and starts trying to make them play, scratching with his fingers. He counts strain relief clamps at the rhythm of People from Ibiza. Made in Wonderland.

Marco Creative-Cables

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