4 ready-to-use products that make a perfect gift

Birthday? Christmas? Name-day? In our humble opinion, any occasion is good to celebrate and donate an object rich in meaning!
Please let us help you to choose a Creative-Cables present among our favourite ready-to-use and ready-to-wrap products.


Why have one chandelier when you can have many? Spider is a cascade of coloured cables and light bulbs, ready to uniformly and strategically illuminate any environment.

Available with 5, 6 or 7 pendants.

  • Ideal for:  the minimalist who wants to keep it simple

  • Complement it with: 5 LED Transparent Light Bulb Globe G125

  • Price (for product pictured): 175 $

2-Tattoo Lamp® Basket Bulb
Take a round light bulb, restyle it, treat it to some special beauty treatment et voilà it will turn into a basketball with transparent sewing patterns.

  • Ideal for: those who still have a Magic Johnson poster in their bedroom

  • Complement it with: a wooden Posaluce Natural

  • Price (for product pictured): 59 $

3-Love Light Bulb

Light bulbs speak, did you know? You just need an filament bent artisticall. We started with Love, the most enlightening feeling of all. Moreover, what is a gift, if not an act of love for your significant ones?

  • Ideal for: the cynic who hides a romantic soul

  • Complement it with: Copper Single Pendant with Golden Honey Cotton textile cable

  • Price (for product pictured): 48 $

4-Beer Light Bulb

Made by reusing a real 330 ml amber beer bottle, it is perfect for creating installations on the counter of a kitchen. A refreshing example of upcycle-design, in a prestigious gift box ready-to-wrap.

Available in 4 shapes and colours.

  • Ideal for: your best friend and drinking buddy

  • Complement it with: Single pendant with Deer Cotton textile cable RC23

  • Price (for product pictured): 69 $

Posted on 2018-11-20

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